Supply chain fundamentals Course

March 19




Ms. Ingy Said:

"Thank you for a wonderful experience. Instructors were extremely professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to learn from. Training materials were really interesting and examples were very relevant which made the class very much enjoyable and engaging"

Training Courses

Supply Chain and Logistics Fundamentals Course - 15 hours

Grant you TheKeyChain Certificate as the course covers the Supply Chain fundamentals modules. The course is enriched with case studies and hands-on exercises.

Supply Chain Modules covered:

  • Supply Chain Overview

  • MRP & ERP II

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting 

  • Capacity, Production and Material Planning 

  • Transportation and Warehousing

  • Inventory Management 

Procurement Management - 4 hours

Procurement Management cover the Procurement Steps, types and tools. At the end of the course you will gain the needed knowledge to deliver the value equation with your Key Suppliers and turn it to documented agreement with key metrics.

Supply Chain and Logistics Overview

Introduction to supply chain & logistics definitions. Understand the different elements of the end to end supply chain and the value created by supply chain management. The course includes a number of videos and examples from different industries. 

Capacity and Production Planning - 4 hours

Introduction to production planning with focus on capacity management, short term & long term production plan development to meet requirements

Inventory Management - 4 hours

Introduction to key inventory concepts. The course covers different inventory elements & drivers. It also gives a topline overview on inventory management and optimization

Demand Planning and Forecasting - 4 hours

Introduction to demand planning and forecasting with focus on the different methods to develop demand forecast (qualitative vs. quantitative) and how to translate finished product forecast to material requirements

MRPII and ERP Systems

Introduction to the manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) process to deliver efficient and effective planning across the different functions of the organization. The course also covers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with focus on functionality, value creation and the most famous tools on the market 

Sustainable Improvement - 3 hours

The course focuses on key gap analysis tools to enable proper root causing that drive sustainable results through eliminating root causes 

Communication and Touchpoints - 3 hours

Training material covering the communication cycle with focus on measures definition

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